Thursday, September 17, 2009


Dalam minggu tok banyak org mengadu tentang cerita cinta cdak dengan aku. Dan aku pun sebenarnya, polah perkara bodoh kerana cinta. Apa yang special glak tentang CINTA?

Aku suka glak nangga smallville, sebab aku rasa aku suka watak clark dengan lana. Seoson 6 tok lana kawen dengan luthor ya. Kesian eh tangga clark. Tapi what else he can do??? Lana has made up her mind.

Bila mak clark padah "your bigger strength can be you bigger flaws," His mom ask him to let lana go even she the one that clark really love and need. What ever it is, may be he need to learn to let it go. Yes, i need to learn it go. I have too.

I don't want to talk to much about it.  A thousand word still not can describe what love is. I feel tired of all this, yes... start from this time.. i surrender, i cry a lot, i hurt badly, and i will say, YES, YOU WIN THIS GAME DEAR! YOU WIN... but no matter how hard it is, no matter how much i cry, no matter how bad i miss you, i'll not give up. NOT GIVING UP TO BE A BETTER PERSON!

Yes, you're apart of me. I lost without you. Yes i need you. Even it just in my dreams. I will on leave for one week. I guess this the moment i wait for... Hide for a while from everyone. Hide for a while from fb and blog. Also hide for a while for not look all you photos in my pc and notebook. See how my life would be for a while.

Memandang just a few days left for Hari raya so here i would say

Dear my babe, i'm so sorry for all mistake i've done. yes, i had made your life miserable. my bad :( and i'm so sorry for loving you more than i should, for missing you more than i should and for needing a bit more than i should. i'm really really really sorry for that...

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