Monday, November 19, 2012

24th Birthday

I'm getting old?! Owh no!! haha

It is a part of life, getting old, have wrinkles (i have it already lalala) Well everyone will through the same thing right?

But for this time, I learn to much on my birthday. And thanks for that Ya Allah.

Ada banyak benda yang dah aku terlupa, ada banyak benda yang selama ini aku dah terlepas pandang tapi syukur Allah sedarkan aku sebelum alu lagi hanyut. Seblum lagi banyak benda alu terlepas pandang dan sebelum lagi banyak penyesalan.

Story what i had on this birthday. We celebrate it at Bing! Coffe with Babe (my cousin, my Bff, my partner in crime, my PA, apa2 jaklah all her) and my housemate Kak zu. Ladies time! :)

Tersedar, i still have them in front of me. Celebrate my birthday together walau telah banyak masa aku mengabaikan mereka. Honest i regret it. Talk silly thing, laugh at nonsense thing, create stupid story till 1 am. (Dah sikit jak agik mok kenak halau mek orang hahaha)

Stay over at my cousin house, as what i used to do before. And the next day her mom masak for lunch sempena my birthday. It touch my heart. Sebab rasanya dah agak lamak sik tido siya, lepak2 dengan parents nya but on my birthday their parents still do something. 2nd time rasa bersalah gilak-gilak.

I receive to many Birthday Wishes this time, from calls, messages, fb wall, instagram, line, f2f that make me realize i still have a lot a lot and a lot of people that still concern about me. That still remember me even i almost forget about them. 3rd time feeling guilty.

Last, celebration at Top Spot Seafood with everyone that i love adalah hadiah terbaik for this birthday. Love! With mom and dad, sis and brother in law, with nek yak (both), with babe, with kak zu, with aiman, with adib (my BFF, and orang yang paling selalu kenak leh beb haha) and last with my Sayang (opps! his name can't be mention here) Its a blessed from Him to me to remind me that i still have family when i feel down, i still have family to take care of, i still have a family & friends to love me as i am. When look at their faces how guilty i feel cause lately nang dah jarang gilak nak hang out dengan cdak, ask how they are being doing,how their life, i am too busy to focus to my own thing. 4th time feeling guilty.

Dan buat pertama kalinya aku memohon dari hati yang terdalam, semoga Allah memberikan aku kebahagian di dunia dan akhirat dan kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat. Kebahagian itu mampu membuat yang derita jadi bahagia, yang sempit menjadi luas, yang kurang menjadi cukup. Amin...

"It happens in life as they grown up you find out who you are and what you want and then you realize that people you've know forever don't see things the way you do. So keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on" Nabila Huda

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tell her your words

I love you.

Saya suka awak.

Saya pilih awak.

Walaupun pepatah Inggeris ada mengatakan, "Action speaks louder than words" but i like to remind you gentleman out there you need to tell your girl that you want them, or you love them or not.

Guys! Sometimes we (ladies) could not read your action. To understand a body language tu tak pernah ada dalam mana-mana silibus masa kat sekolah. Tak ada dalam soalan SPM pun. Huhu

So guys... please please please be frank to your ladies or the other gentleman grab your ladies!

Melepaslah lagi...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Understand me or not

To all my stalkers, understand my writing before you judge me.

You won't be able to stalk my fb again cause i'm gonna deactivating my fb. Errrr i think hahaha

 Here you should stalk me more. I will be more honest on what i write. That is how I express my feeling to the world.

Understanding me writing first before you decide to add me in twitter or instagram.

Happy Deepavali!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cara Saya

Membaca & Menulis adalah cara saya menangani stress. Sometimes i just don't know to tell people how sad i am, or how stress i am. All i can do is keep it silent and acting nothing happen to me.

Honestly... i just don't know.

I don't know what to write, how can i say it. Huh!

I just don't know.