Monday, November 30, 2009

i'm mO.Oving

Just because I'm losing, doesnt mean I'm lost
Just because I'm hurting, doesnt mean I'm hurt
Just because I'm upset, doesnt mean I'm sad
Just because I'm down, doesnt mean I've fallen

I just need to be on my own.

i took this from dayna blog

No matter where i go, FACT is fact
Baby, i know that i always find a reason for not talking about our feelings
i'm being so mean to you right baby?
but actually i'm just afraid
Too afraid
If ask you to take care of me, give me a reason why he is not deserve my feeling,
to protect by getting hurt from anyone else,
but how if
in the end i just can't love you back the way i should love you?
i will hurt you badly b,
while i understand well how hurt feels

YES! i was too afraid to fall in love again,
i have to admit
apart of the reason is come from your love stories before

i know the fact,
"When you love someone there is no guarantee that they love you back as the way you love them"
this hurt is killing inside me badly
i thought that i was strong enough to get over all of these before
but when it comes,
i totally feel weak
feel lost,
feel hopeless
and i'm too afraid with LOVE
i don't know why this time i was too afraid with LOVE
before this i took 4 years before i really can overcome my feelings toward one of this guy
is that the reason why i became so afraid with LOVE?
 worried that it might be happen again?
am i too afraid of getting hurt?
but why must i feel that way?
while i know that i am a strong person
am i really a strong person or
i just pretend that i am strong?

i'm sorry if 
i hurt you one day
 i need someone who can show to me that
he is not the one for me
he is not deserve my love
please show me a reason
why i should not miss him
why i should not love him
and please
protect me from this hurt
im being so tired
of all my feeling towards him
i need your support b
please show to me that i can't care of myself even i can do it alone
please show to me now baby

i'm not a slaver to this HELL feelings
i'm not looking a MR RIGHT
looking for the imperfect person who can make my LIFE perfect!
i move a step forward

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