Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'm sorry to say it again

Cause i'm only a human, no matter how strong i am sometimes my tears burst. Not to give up with what i have but this feeling sometimes is bothering me. Missing him. Rest in peace in my heart. Only me and Allah knows what i feel. I'm NOT giving up, i'm NOT waiting for him [i guess so] it just my heart. Missing someone is not an abnormal thing.

Just a few second kak no tell me something about love hahahaha
"cinta yg ikhlas sik perlu d lafazkan nya akan tetap ada d dalam hati"

She's right. Sometimes we don't have to tell other if we can't it is more than enough for us to know it and felt it. i know that he will always in my heart, no matter how far i go, no matter who will be with me. Rest in peace dear, rest in peace in my heart... i miss him

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