Friday, November 6, 2009


i miss him.. :D yeah, he walked out from my life, leaved me, and gave a BIG hurt to me. But on top of it, all the memories that we had was too SWEET to reminisce :D. i don't look at him as something that hurt me badly cause after a while i didn't see him anymore. And to be honest, i don't know where he is. Who cares about it, cause i know Allah knows what is the BEST  for me. i DON'T have to regret anything about it. The only thing that i should do is TRUST to Allah there's must be something good happen after a storm.

Yes, i'm still talking about him.. Why? errr. I don't find the reason why it have to be that way. For sure i broke up with my boyfriend is not because of him. i'm not into that relation. It is not because of he not sweet or what, but i guess that i just can't give commitment as the way i should give to him. And finally, i feel i don't feel fair to him. So i make a decision to break up. Being single again. It is a good thing actually. Can "cuci mata" with handsome guys around me. And i REALLY like it. Hang out with whoever i want and i have right to choose with whom i want to hang out. Is that call playgirl? Opps! who cares??? hahaha i'm feel happy about it. The important thing is i'm not CHASING them, they are looking for me.

No matter what happen to me, no matter how bad my hurt is, i always to put my HEAD HELD HIGH. Stand to world with proud. I don't have much time to cry a lot. I know there are still many things in life that i don't explore yet. YES, i cry sometimes when my "sa'al" is coming. But it just temporary. i never skip my day without pray to Allah that he might get the best thing in life, pray the best for him, pray that he will always be fine no matter where he is. Cause that is the only thing that i can do. And i'm happy to do that.

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