Friday, November 20, 2009


I have been asked by one of my closer friend. Soalan bonus. And i simply answered to her YES, i DO! :P

i don't have any ideas to tell her how's my feeling now. i know she read my blog that is why she suddenly asked me the hardest question in the world. May be for her but not for me. i don't have any problem to answer any question from her because i know everything is over. What is past is past.

Yes, i Do joan. I know i don't have to tell you how my feeling cause i bet you can feel me. May be you're right. It is not i miss him but i miss the memory that i have while i'm with him. May be i got trouble with my sense, when everything is on my shoulder i never once cry. It just that i can't cry. I don't have time to cry or to think how my feeling during that time. The only thing in my mind is, i want her to be fine. That it is. I put a side my  own feeling. Honestly, during that time i HATE him! It is not for what he has done to me, but what he has done to her. He can hurt me badly, but please don't do that to that girl. I sacrifice my own feeling just want to make sure that he be with her but at the end he hurt her badly. i know i don't have power to change what has fated.

But actually on top of that i feel blessed by all of this. Cause i become stronger n stronger than before. And my self esteem boost 100% than before. Life is not counted by what education that you get from uni. Your higher education, how beautiful you're, which brand that you bought for your cloths, or which saloon that you go every month but people look at you HEART.

Anyway joan, thanks a lot for comforting me this evening. i really3 appreciate it dear. Please help me to pray the best for me.



Joan Clair said...

I will pray for your well-being and happiness.

I know sometimes, you will compare urself to others. Pls don't.

I'm happy to hear tht u're ok. for the time being, just focus on tht. you'll be surprised how times will fly and heal everything.

NurEfa said...

thanks joan, thanks a lot sis! i knoe that i'll better in time... cause i knoe you guys will always support me n pray the best for me