Thursday, November 19, 2009

it is 21


i'm a one year older now. but it only 21st. i'm still young. And i'm sure about it. Hahaha Cause no matter how old i am i'm still the younger in my family. And no matter how old i am my mum + my dad + my sis will still called me adek haha. That the fact that i can't change. Envy of me Opps! i'm just very lucky to be ADEK for the whole of my life :P

I CRY too much this year. More than last year but the good thing is i LAUGH 7X more than last year. Can beat it? i feel blessed by having a great PARENTS, having the only ONE Along, One angah and lots of KAKAK, having a great COUSINs, great FRIENDs, great BOSSes, great COLLEAGUE, and many more things that just can't listed here. :D

HURT. it is compulsory in LIFE. I'm being hurt by someone that i really LOVE. But i don't want to think i'm a victim here. Come on. While i still can do a lots of things in life i just can't sit n think how bad my feeling is. Sometimes i cry too much than other. Too loud than other people. But please, I'm a HUMAN or the other words I'm a GIRL. Sometimes i can be too emotional. But i know it still ok, cause i'm sure it won't last.

i ALWAYS do that. Always keep what i feel inside my heart alone. I don't know how to express it. I'm a pretender i guess. NO! i'm an actress. Haha But the fact is, i hard for me to tell others my real feelings. It is more easier for me to write what i feel than tell other. But actually i'm just too secretive.

i LOVE u! whoever read my blog. Please take note to this statement. i LOVE u! no matter who you are. I will love u as the way you're. Some people said i just love people more than i love myself. That is totally wrong. I love myself sooooooooooo much. That is why i can love people back. I can't love other people if i don't love myself. Got it?

i DON'T want to do it again. Guess what? be a PLAYER. i Do it once while i'm in secondary school. And i don't want to do it again now. Even i stated in my previous blog that may be become a player again but opps! sorry it just not me. i don't want to waste my time to do that stupid things. FRUITLESS. It is better for me to wait my Mr RIGHT with patient n SMILE all the time. The most important thing is i don't want to force myself to love someone that from start that i know that i don't want to be with. i'm a TYPICAL girl when speaks about love actually. That is maybe one of the impact i read too much book about relationship, watched too much movies about love, listened to too much love songs and dreams too much about soul-mate. Hihi 

Dear my future soul-mate,

Errr this letter sound weird, but i know that you're there. It just we're not find the right time to meet yet. If one day you find me, please take care of me, cause i'm being so tired to take care of myself before. Please share everything with me cause i'm bored have to keep it all alone before. Please accept me as the way as i am and i will do the same the same thing to you. Once, i call you as a husband, that is mean you have to lead me to a good path, and i can count on you for the rest of my life.


p/s: for those who want me to get married fast,
why don't don't you all help me to find a husband

anyway thanks for all the birthday wishes that i got yesterday
and the presents as well
and also the hugs that i got from all of you on my birthday

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