Friday, October 16, 2009


Alhamdulillah, internet back as normal. I can up date my blog with full of Blogging Spirit hahaha. Yes, i love to write. I really love it n love to read. but i HATE calculation.

Last night we [bai + i] confessed + shared what had happened to our LIFE. At first we talking about our past life. How we deal with hell situation, with money, with back stabbers, with our BEST buddies, family, admire *blushing* our first love *senyum sampei ke telinga* and finally we're taking about our HEART. 

After i a while, after a lot things happen never once i cry until last night. When suddenly Bai asked me bout how i can handle everything in my life lately. She the one who always be with me no matter how bad my decision is. Thanks to Allah i have her in my life.While i'm too busy with my classes, assignments, my friend's life then i realize i don't have much time to think about how sad my HEART is actually. Haha. This is what she told me before "Besar nie jak badan ko ya nak menampung semua beban d bahu ya?" Yes, i know it. But i know i can handle it well because i know i still Allah and pray. When it seems i don't anything else, seems it don't have anyways anymore. I know i still have Allah n PRAY to HIM. :D That is how i handle my life now. Some of friend said, quit busy to care about others and concern about myself more but seriously i just can't do that. I know how i can handle my life, my prob, my time and also my HEART, that is why Allah give me this strength. For me to help other. Not only for personal use only. Helping people is actually helping myself on the same time. Helping myself to boost my spirit by realize i still have a lot of beautiful things, still have a lot supportive family members, have best friend, best cousins, and the BEST thoughts about myself which is know not many people have it.

I not crying because of what had happened, i have NO time to cry bout it while i know still can do alit of things in my life. but i cry because of that ONE WORD. LOVE??? hahaha no! i have a lots of LOVE round me. Alhamdullillah... Let is keeps my own secret.

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