Saturday, June 13, 2009

counting times + days + months

i watched he played futsal yesterday, seeing him on the court made me praying something. Allah, please help me to make him HALAL for me to touch him + to hug him + n to live with him with the rest of my life. Please help me to be with him. i just don't want anyone might get hurt. i love him so much Allah. no matter how hard i try to keep denying that feeling the fact inside my heart i LOVE him. thanks so much to kak mizah, she helps me a lot by giving me moral support to get him while felt give up on everything. she always ask me to fight it n be patient on everything consequences that i might get. afraid to know how the ending story between him and i. but i keep telling myself. the more u afraid on something the more you must have to face it. the more i afraid to lose him the more i have to face the helps me feel more calm.

keep praying n praying that is the only thing that i can do now... but no matter how others called our status, on top of that i wanna say i more time. i LOVE u, babe.

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