Tuesday, June 2, 2009


yeah so that is how the final stage between us... TEARS :( not really actually... glad to knoe that u're hepi with me... glad to knoe i had been ur important person before.

"talking to u makes me felt relieve
next to u, i felt secure
close to u makes my world merrier..
deep inside sumtime, i felt that u deserve a better person than me..
that will love u more than me
really hope u met sum1 better than me...
each & every day..
so that u can 4get bout me
so that i will be your history..
not a bad one
but to remind you, that bcoz of me, u find a better person than me...
that can love u , pamper u as much as others can give u
all the time babe..
then u will noe..
ada org lain nok bagus gik dari kmk..."

to knoe this, make me feel relief. to knoe that u're happy with me is more than enough. i dunt want to be so selfish and greedy for hoping that u're mine meanwhile i knoe sume1 will get hurt if u're mine. hurt!!! yup i have to say n admit it... hurt to knoe may be u're the wrong person that i love... but no doubt i'll not ever give up easily... i cant promise that i will love and miss u as more than a friend forever but for as a friend for sure i'll.

yes, u're the best person i ever met, the moment we had was the best moment i ever had, but fact soon or later its over. seeing u make me smile, seeing u make happy. i always pray the best for u... coz when ur happy so am i... praying that i will found sum1 that will love me more than i love u, will miss me more than i miss u, will need me more than i need u... Be optimist n keep smiling coz i knoe there always gonna have enough love to every1... i dunt have to be rush if i'm not ready to give it yet, i dun have to force myself if the time not coming yet. for sure i never close my heart to every1... may be this is just not the rite time.

i love u babe.... love u with all my heart. wat i'm gonna tell u, u had told me earlier... while i'm with u i feel it is more than enough. u dunt have to do anything else. it is enough u hug me... u complete my life... sumthing missing when i'm without u... demmm!!! weird!!! love is about enjoying to be with sum1... whether i want to admit or not here is the fact. BABE, I LOVE U.

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efa said...

i feel satisfied with wat i feel while i'm with him... it is more than enough :D