Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear World

Dear world,

First thing first please forgive me with all mistake that i ever did. Sometimes i realized it and sometimes i am not. But my first intention to write this is to tell you about my baby. Cause you know what, when i am not with him i really really really can't bear the situation. Unfortunately, i always deny the fact. I don't know what's on earth  make me don't dare to face the fact.


How could i let someone who never tired asking me how's my life everyday. The person who never tired nagging me to take my vitamins, my medicine and all of that. The person who will scared if anything bad happen to me. Someone but can be everyone to me.

Tell me world, how could i leave him?


If he is really the one you prepared for me before i see you, please world support me.Give me strength to always love him. Give me strength to always support him, comfort him whenever he needs me. Please world, listen to my heart


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