Monday, March 8, 2010

i Am selfish

i LOVE you...

i start with the most common phrase in the world. But i do, i really mean it Baby. 

We had a small argument last weekend. And since last Saturday, i keep myself silent. It is a small matter, but as you know girl, when the mood swing coming small thing can be a reason for us to sulk. 

So baby was keep trying to talk to me even i was in silent mode. Kesian him. But i am not in a good mood. So last night he met me, he asked me to accompany him to go dinner, he bought for a sandal for me from my favorite brand hihi. And we took dinner at Sushi King. Yummmy :D 

I do, i really appreciate it. Thanks a lot sayang. 

I felt guilty. I am too demand. It is not i am demand for a branded thing BUT i am demand on him. I want him to be with me always even somehow i know he is too busy with his work. Somehow i being so selfish, i want him to accompany me to go dinner even he too tired to go out after work. I am sorry baby. But then, last night i have promised to myself i dont want to bother him always cause i know he has a lot of works to do, he very tired after a whole day busy at work. huhu i feel bad. Cause after a while i am not putting myself in his shoes.  

But the one thing, i want the whole world know that how LUCKY i am having you in my life. The one who always forcing me to eat SAYUR until i cry while eating. The one who always force me to eat when i dont want to eat. The one who will suap me if i refuse to eat. The one who care me more than other people did even sometime he is very cruel to me! Huh! But you know what, i feel grateful, i feel blessed having him in my life. He is being honest to his love. He is being honest in his deed. He is being the way he is in front of me. The one who comfort me like my friend always do to me. The one who treating me like a princess in his life. 

Dear Allah, i don't ask anything else. You know what is the BEST for me. I really want him badly in my life, i really want him, as the ask who always be MONSTER in every time forcing me to eat sayur, the CRUEL one to me cause he want the BEST in my life. 

Look world, what else i could say except i LOVE him? 

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