Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 days

I will leaving for 5 days starting from tomorrow. I have BTN at Betong. This is my first experience having a course in this year. This course is compulsory to every government servant. And we must pass this course. Leaving here meaning i have to leave my baby for 5 days. Fuh!!! I hope i am strong enough for not be with him within these 5 days.  At least Baby already cure from his flu and sore throat tomorrow so i am might not worry too much about him here.

Yea yea i know that he can take k of himself but i can not tell myself for not worrying about him. He is my Baby ok!

Dear Allah, please please please take care of my prince while i am not be able to take care of him in this 5 days. Please love him as much as you love me and please please please remind him that i will always love and miss him everyday.

And for you Baby, please please please take your medicine, get enough rest, take care of yourself, wake up early so you will not late to go to work.

Ish ish ish ("^.^)(^.^") ("^.^)(^.^")

Worry worry and worry non stop until i make sure that he cure already :(

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