Friday, February 12, 2010

An illegal engagement

"i will try my BEST to make this relation work" Baby

I know this can not be called, an ENGAGEMENT. Cause it was not official and it is illegal. But our heart make it official and legal. So who cares? 

i fall and fall in love with him everyday. So tell me what should i do when i am not be with him? There are lot and lot of things that we have to do before we can be together and before we can have word legal in our life. Illegal and legal. Only have two different words. But the small different can make a lot of thing different. Get it? 

i do not know why i can hear his name clearly in my heart. Am i desperate to get married soon? Of course not. Ermmm may be the pain i feel before was thought me a lot what is loosing mean. See! May be this is me: Philophobia = fear of love, falling or being in. 

From the day we declared our relation by wearing a couple ring, there are lot of things running in my mind.  

Darl, am i really good enough for you baby? am i really the person can make you smile while you are in grieving mood? But may be this is a simple para that can show hows my feeling onward you darl. 

I can’t promise you perfection..

cause that is not who I am.

I can’t promise you forever..
cause I don’t hold fate within my hands.

I can’t promise you the sunshine..
because I know there will be rain.

I can’t promise you complete happiness..
cause with true love, there comes pain.

I can’t promise to always smile..
cause life always has a way to make me cry.

I can’t promise to always stand strong..
cause it’s never easy to want to give life another try.

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