Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry, i CAN'T

"seriously i dun know how should i act in front of you. adakah dengn mek ignore ktk is the best way to slove this prob dear? janggal mek babe, mek rasa sakit ehhh p if you think this is the best for us for sure i'll do it. mek x pat nak bulak hati mek padah x sakit bah but hopefully by telling you a bit of my feeling can help me to overcome this pain. i want the best for you babe... but apa2 pun i want you to knoe i'm sorry i just cant stop to think about you this time, i miss you a lot sayang. really i DO :'("

Everyone asking and want me to let you go, unfortunately i CAN'T. Not because i want to create a dramatic story like Romeo and Juliet but this is how i feel. My REAL feeling. I'm not asking for this. How many times should i tell you, this is just my feeling. I'm not forcing you to love me back. NEVER ONCE! I enjoy with what i feel now. So it is enough. Seeing you make me smile seeing you make me happy so if that the only thing that i can do so is SEEing you so then I WILL DO IT! Pa lah yang jadi masalah nya glak? Heran2

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