Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brapa kali mek mok madah?

Dear, how many times you ask me to stop loving you the only answer that i can give to you [i'm sorry i can't] may be other time yes but not this time. Plus, I never disturb your time, your hobby, your life and so forth. THIS IS JUST MY OWN FEELING. Please dear, don't ask me to have a boyfriend now. Having you is ENOUGH. When the time comes for sure this feeling will faded. I don't want to force this feeling faded, i want it happen naturally, until then i will still keep enjoy this feeling.

To all person who always keep busy put eyes on me>>> GO TO HELL
with bad things you said about me, the important thing is i know WHO AM I, i'm not disturb your life. THIS IS MY HEART, LET ME DECIDE MYSELF. LET ME CHOOSE MYSELF I LOVE WITH WHOM.

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