Thursday, December 31, 2009

After one year


I got bad experienced about love this year. But it totally thought me what love is actually. But then suddenly at last month in this year, after more than one year i am officially in a relationship. i felt glad for that.

Here goes for baby...

Baby, i do not know whether this is too soon to tell you this. But this is what i felt.

i know sometimes i made stupid mistake while i'm with you, sometimes i made you felt disappointed, sometimes i know it is hard for you to handle me but above all i LOVE you so much dear, with all the laugh and tears that we had, with all the stupid jokes that we did, with all the sincere smiles that we shared, with the worried feeling of loosing "us". i never know what i have been missing while i met you. thanks for bring it back to me.

I do not want to think much about what we gonna face in future but i really really really appreciate the LOVE that we had now.


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