Thursday, December 24, 2009

Serious matter

May be this is the first time we talk seriously about obstacles in front of us.

That is really really really BIG matter.

Yesterday, for the first time we talk about obstacle that we had now. We can not do anything to change it now. Apparently both of us know what are the problems. We need time. Need time to make a decision. Decision to go to the next stage in our relation.

Look WORLD! i'm proud to have him in my life. It is not because he is my steady boyfriend right now, but he is the one who willingly care about me, he is the person make me love him more and more everyday, he makes me fall in love with him everyday, he makes me feel secure while i am with him, he does not care hold me in front public, he shows to people that he has me in his life. He makes me feel, that i was belonging to someone. And i love that feeling. He is my best-friend. He is my LOVER.

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