Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aku dan Masa Silamku

When I feel down, I read this over and over again. And every time I read this I feel 'something' in my heart that I can't explain in any words.

We all have secret. We all have something that we feel ashamed about our-self. Something about our-self that we afraid other people knew about it and they gonna talk about it.

I feel ashamed of myself for not being myself sometimes. For not being the way i want myself to be. Feel ashamed to my Greatest Creator. And let other think what they not supposedly think about me.

I hope people will understand me, I am human. Make mistake, fall in love with the wrong person, over thinking, over doing thing, over love someone, over love things and finally forget what I supposedly do. It hurt me people! it hurt me a lot. By admitting my mistake to all of you, by admitting that what I have done was totally wrong actually killed inside me. It hurt me a lot when they still talk about it, while I'm struggling my self to forgive myself and to improve myself.

this is where my heart speak louder

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