Friday, February 1, 2013

Private & Confidential

I am an extrovert. I think. Hahaha but the one thing about me is i keep a lot of to myself only. And only few people know about my story. If people say I am a secretive, well yes! I am.

To be exact, I am 24 years old (errrr + 2 months) And on my 24th birthday there something big happen to me, and affect my life. Bukanlah nak mengenang perkara yang lama, NO! i am not that kind of person BUT I got lessons from that experienced.

I become more secretive about my life.

BUT I think I need to clear something to someone.

I may being mean to you may be, for not telling the world that i am with you now. But i hope you can accept my reason why I am doing that way.

I may not be good in writing, nor in telling verbally. To be short, I am bad in telling others how's my feeling. The worse part, usually the things become worse :(

For first of all I am sorry, for not being open to the world that i am with you now. Because you know what? I don't want to share the best moment we had to world. I want to keep it to us only. Make it special to us only. And only let few people  know how happy I am now. 

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