Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Falling slowly

I do not how the movie actually, i just got this link from baby. He gave me this link. As if this is the melody of his heart. He always touch  me. Touch me with his heart, with his love. I really want to say to the world that he is the person that i need for the whole of my life. But i do not have any strength to say it out loud. Cause i really afraid that i might be loosing him may be in just a second.

When i understand the fragility of life, i start to more appreciate what i have in life. I can not list it here, cause it just to much. And i start to wondering, why must i look at the one thing i have lost before too long? While i have a lot and lot of things that i should appreciate and enjoy it while i still have it.

Needs and wants. Two different things in life. Usually, we always wants something based on what we crave for without knowing whether that is what we really need. And if we can have something that we want but actually we do not it so finally it is wasting. So i can say that, when we choose the person that we want no to the person that we really need in life so at the end it only just wasting our time.

Back to the story, at the moment i can say that who will be the person that i want and need for. I am happy with baby right now. I felt blessed when i am with him. The way he treats and loves me it feels that i do not want anybody else in my life. But how? Ermmm...

He makes me love and miss him everyday. He makes me smile every time i think about him. Baby... i love him dear, more than you know.

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