Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fall n fall n fall everyday

B... this video is for you. I know this is only a simple video but i hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for the moments that we had. I fall and fall and fall in love with you everyday darl. Thanks for always be by my side through good and bad times. Thanks for always support me and believe in me.

Baby... If i could, i want to be by your side for the whole of your life. To be with you in every breathe that you breath. I am sorry baby, sorry for do not have enough strength while i am with you. I know sometimes i push you away from me. It is not because i do not love you, but because of i love you so much. I became egoist with myself. I start to hate crying. I hate tears. Finally, i hurt you badly with my behavior. I am sorry baby, and i really really sorry about it. 

But on top of that, i want you to know that i really love you.

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