Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Get up and try and try and try

Im sad. Out of words.

"When you are doing somethings, do it from your heart, give the shoot that you could. Even if you failed at least you satisfy cause have given so much effort on it. And every effort will not wasted"

People that i love always misunderstanding me, always thought that i am not love them enough because of my action/deed, But here i told you, my principle is simple.

In life i choose yes or no only. And if I love someone there will ONE and only. And if don't want i will say no, there will no flirt, no secret intention. Love is love. If there is no love so then leave.

When i said friends, they are friend no matter how close i am with them or not and that is the reason why i hate people say they are being in friend in fact they are flirting with each other. Damn! You guys just misused the term of friendship and at the end people doesn't trust the meaning of true friend anymore.

And actually this is what happen to me,salah faham because of my action on how i supposedly treat a friend. Yes, i am sad. I am very sad actually. But i know i can't control what others think about me. No matter how good my intention is people will always misunderstand it.

I dont think i am so difficult to be understood actually, how you see me in front of you that will how i am doing behind you. They will no secret me, secret attitude, secret person behind you.

A guy with me now always thought that i intentionally hurt him by not deleting any kind of messages that i had in my phone. But let me clear something, i am doing that beacuse i just want he knows with whom im being friends with, what kind of conversation that i had and bla bla bla. Don't you think IF im flirting or has any secret intention behind you so why do i keep all the proof since i know you can access my phone anytime you want? Cause i want you to know, as how you see me acting in front of you, that will how i acting behind you. I am capable to delete all those messages, but i choose not to cause it feel like im cheating him behind, since nothing secret or any bad intention so why should I worry.  I not misused the trust that you given but unfortunately, my action has been misinterpreted by you. Hmmm

So here i tell you, if you want to believe me its up to you. Its your choice. I don't have any right to force you to believe with what i said. But i know as long as long i don't have bad intention Allah will help me, soon or later. He will shows the truth. So why should i be worry.

You had made me suffer, you made me cry enough as how you wish. As how you though i intentionally hurt you. So, now let me announce, that YOU WIN! You win this game. And I am loss. Yes, i am. But i think you forgetting something, you done all those thing because you intentionally doing it. Because you though i intentionally treat you with kind of way. But the fact i don't have any bad intention to make you feel suffer. In fact my intention is want you you trust me as how i trust you.

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