Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Berstatus single and available bukan syarat untuk sewenang-wenangnya menerima sesiapa sahaja dalam hidup tanpa berfikir panjang. It is look easy, you're not attach or do not have any commitment with other but when it come to heart it is complicated.

Buat awak yang ingin saya berjanji, saya mohon maaf. I am not ready yet to say any promises right now. Sebab saya berjanji bukan untuk dimungkiri. Pengalaman teach me well about promise. If you really want me to make a promise so make effort to see that :P make effort to make me believe in you, make effort to realize me that i will do not have any regret to make a promise to you.

It easy to think about love, to talk or to wish for it. But it always never easy to recognize love even when we are holding it in our own hands. 


white angel said...


So many grammatical mistakes hehe=p

Kamen Rider Henshin!!!=p

NurEfa said...

ada gik ktk ya! huh! wonder mek gne ktk dgn cpt nya tauk mek up date blog? ermm